W.B. Cameron Papers - Articles Relating to the Northwest Rebellion.

This file consists of 25 items, including newspaper articles and typed copies of oral histories, mostly concerning the Northwest Rebellion. Titles are: I. How the Duck Lake Fight Began (4p) II. The Half-Breed Rising on the South Saskatchewan, 1885 (8p); III. Patrice Fleury / Notes on the Duck Lake Fight (6p); IV. The North West Mounted Rifles (Prince Albert) (5p); V. When Poundmaker Marched on Battleford (12p); VI. The Surrender of Big Bear (3p); VII. Peekokut Gets a Special (6p); VIII. Stands Always / The story of a brave Cree (7p); IX. Apistatim's War Party (3p); X. Henry Blanc's Reminiscences (3p); XI. James Solomon Buller (2p); XII. The Sugar Bush (2p); XIII. On the Fort Qu'Appelle - Pelly Trail (8p); XIV. The Haunted Axe (1p); XV. The Withered Hand (1p); XVI. The Medicine Goose (1p); XVII. He Made Sitting Bull Behave (6p); XVIII. Long Dog Plays the Market Short; XIX. In the Days of the Rum Trade (2p); XX. Linking Up The Past (2p); XXI. The Rage of Wandering Spirit (2p); XXII. Thirst Dance and Fin Flash (1p); XXIII. The Passing of John Pritchard (1p); XXIV. The Tightwad (fiction by Cameron, 3p.); XXV. When Poundmaker Defied the Mounties.

Historical note:

In 1927, the University of Saskatchewan hired William Bleasdell Cameron to gather interesting material dealing with the early days of settlement from the old-timers. Cameron's chief interest, since he was a former servant of the Hudson's Bay Company, was in the Metis and Native people. Much of his information came from other former servants of the Company. This file also contains second and third copies of some of these items. See also Cameron's book "The War Trail of Big Bear", (E99.C88C1), which contains some of these articles as well as an account of his experiences during the Frog Lake massacre in 1885.
William Bleasdell Cameron
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University of Saskatchewan Libraries Special Collections, Morton Manuscripts Collection, MSS-C550-1-28-1 (Box 37); records from Our Legacy site, http://scaa.sk.ca/ourlegacy
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