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Since the iPortal was launched in 2005, there have been some significant changes in internet technologies and in the multimedia landscape. Many of these changes have resulted in increased access to media production for previously marginalized people and communities. Indigenous communities in Canada have been especially effective in harnessing online streaming, publishing, and social media; and in using those technologies to bypass traditional media gatekeepers. The result is a growing community of artists, academics, and activists that are using internet based communication technologies to share their stories in their own voices, to communicate their own perspectives, and to challenge the dominant media discourses and representations of Indigenous peoples. The following feed links to a series of Indigenous written/focused blogs and podcasts. These have not been curated for their scholarly value, but rather they have been selected to showcase the variety of perspectives that exist under the label Indigenous content

Reconciliation and Sentencing Law: Spending some time with Sharma?

| reconciliationsyllabus (Blog )

The Supreme Court of Canada released its reasons in R v. Sharma on November 3, 2022. https://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/19540/index.do Here is the case history provided by the SCC: In 2016, the respondent Ms. Sharma, an Indigenous woman, pled guilty to importing two kilograms of cocaine, contrary to s. 6(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (“CDSA”).

Fatal Health Policies

| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 59:32)

Ophelia Cara and her mother join me to talk about the poisioning crisis and how the new changes by the GoA

Why mandatory English testing for some Indigenous nurses "smells like white supremacy" (ep 306)

| MEDIA INDIGENA : Indigenous current affairs (Podcast -- 35:50)

On our first MINI INDIGENA of the season, host/producer Rick Harp and MI regular Trina Roache (Rogers Chair in Journalism at the University of King’s College) are joined by special guest Melissa Ridgen (former co-anchor of APTN National News, now a network managing editor at Global News), as they discuss: • The Siksika First Nation to create reportedly first-ever First Nation bylaw prosecutor's office in Canada • Trina’s RT of the @APTNNews post: “NDP MP Leah Gazan [successfully] reintroduced a motion to recognize what happened in Canada’s

Introducing Oji-Cree musician Aysanabee

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 54:09)

It started with daily phone calls with his grandfather during the early days of the pandemic.

Evan Pang was living in Toronto and he wanted to make sure his grandpa up in Thunder Bay was doing ok.

But pretty soon, those conversations got deeper. His grandfather shared stories about his years as a child at McIntosh Residential School, the love-story between him and his wife, and the journey of the family name. Evan began to record their chats and the seeds for personal discovery and a creative project were planted.

TalkBack: Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond (ep 305)

| MEDIA INDIGENA : Indigenous current affairs (Podcast -- 51:17)

Introducing our first-ever 'TalkBack' edition of MEDIA INDIGENA, where monthly supporters of the podcast on Patreon get the chance to share their feedback about our most recent deep dive directly with our roundtablers. This week, we debrief about last week's conversation, “The unravelling story of Mary Ellen Turpel Lafond.” She's the high-profile figure in B.C. whose long-standing claims to biological Indigeneity were seriously undermined by a recent CBC News investigation.

Colby Delorme

| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 01:06:47)

Colby Delorme, Board Chair of Influence Mentoring joins us today to talk about his journey

Scary stories from Indigenous country

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 54:09)

It’s the spooky season! Time for jack-o-lanterns, tons of candy and stories to terrify. Indigenous people have told scary stories for generations to pass on important lessons.

Tlicho Dene author, Richard Van Camp loves nothing more than hearing ghost stories around a campfire and he grew up watching 80's horror movies. Richard is working on a graphic novel about a deadly monster called Wheetago, one of the many creatures that’s tormented Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island since before anyone can remember. He loves the creepy, the chilling and what these eerie stories teach us.

The unravelling story of Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond (ep 304)

| MEDIA INDIGENA : Indigenous current affairs (Podcast -- 01:15:15)

This week: another one bites the dust? Who is the real Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafond? A question very much on the minds of Indigenous people in Canada these days, still digesting the exhaustive and explosive CBC News investigation into her public and private life—not least, her repeated claims to being a treaty Indian as a daughter of a Cree man from a northern First Nation in Manitoba. A man the CBC could only verify as the B.C.-born settler son of settler parents of Euro-American ancestry.

WolfDen Designz

| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 54:41)

Staci, and husband Jay created WolfDen Designz.

Reflecting on the Word Warriors Approach to ‘Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice’: A PhD Students Perspective

| reconciliationsyllabus (Blog )

Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice: A Search for Ways Forward is one of my new favourite books—and not just because Dave is my PhD supervisor. I’m really on the same page when it comes to the need to revitalize Indigenous legal orders to support a transformative reconciliation.

In remembrance: an extended conversation with Sacheen Littlefeather

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 44:08)

Sacheen Littlefeather, activist, actor and healer passed away on October 2, 2022 from breast cancer. She was 75 years old. Littlefeather is iconic for a moment at the 1973 Academy Awards when she stole the spotlight – rejecting Marlon Brando’s Oscar – and shined it on how Native American people were depicted in film and television, as well as the Wounded Knee Occupation. Fifty years later, the Academy apologized to her for the abuse she suffered during and after the broadcast.

Author Meets Reader: Seeds, Word Warriors and Hope: A Conversation with David Milward’s Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice: A Search for Ways Forward.

| reconciliationsyllabus (Blog )

On October 20th, UVic’s Centre for Indigenous Research and Community-led Engagement (CIRCLE) hosted a launch of Dr David Milward’s most recent book, Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice: A Search for Ways Forward (Halifax: Fernwood Publishing, 2022).

The Return of the Ojibwe Spirit Horse

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 50:09)

These ‘tiny horses with giant spirits’ once lived alongside Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. But after contact with Europeans, they were culled to near extinction. Now the small but hearty breed is making a comeback, thanks to a growing number of Indigenous people.

Artist and knowledge keeper Rhonda Snow was a small girl when she overheard some elders talking about the Ojibwe Spirit Horse and was captivated. She has dedicated her life to recovering and reclaiming the spirit horse and making sure the little ponies thrive.

Fenton Gals Beading

| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 01:02:18)

Calgary based, Cree artist Valentina @NycyfF13 and I met on Twitter. Follow Fenton Gals Beading on Instagram and Facebook!

Honouring the 'Free' in Free, Prior and Informed Consent

In 2007, the UN General Assembly adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Six of the 46 Articles that make up the UN Declaration reference the right of Indigenous Peoples to have “free, prior, and informed consent” (FPIC) regarding any activity that affects their ancestral lands, territories and natural resources. 

Performative Activism

| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 01:02:10)

Today, I’m solo. I discuss the Queen’s death, Sept. 30, Justice for Joey, Sisters in Spirit, racism on the Ctrain, Iran and performative activism.

Settler Election Fever (ep 303)

| MEDIA INDIGENA : Indigenous current affairs (Podcast -- 01:00:30)

On our last Summer '22 episode of collected, connected conversations: settler election fever! In this back half of our political retrospective on Election 2019 and more, we revisit the 2019 campaign's first debate, an infamous campaign scrum, and whether the real solution to our political woes might be an all-Indigenous party.

The mission, philosophy and wisdom of Buffy Sainte-Marie

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 44:38)

Her powerhouse presence in music, education and cultural reclamation left an indelible mark on an entire generation of Indigenous people. Her music stretches over six decades, she has spoken up for Indigenous people during countless interviews, taught us on Sesame Street and won an Academy Award.

In this intimate conversation, Buffy Sainte-Marie shares what it takes to stay on the map when others erase you, how to teach tough truths with kindness, and what living in the circle really means.

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent and Five Key dates for the Indigenous Peoples in Canada

The road to adoption of the United Nations’ Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDec) has been a rocky one for Canada. Canada did finally “endorse” the Declaration but not without political pressure from Indigenous Peoples. What follows is a brief synopsis of the timeline leading to endorsement:

Dr. Euan Thomson

| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 01:04:30)

Happy to have Dr. Euan Thomson on the show to talk about harm reduction and Alberta's drug policiesEuan Thomson On Twitter: https://twitter.com/elsthomson/status/1572592066315816964?s=46&t=A2tAAg2wBIgBlw_P7fEpYg Executive Director of @_EachAndEvery • Board @aawear_ • Founder @RaftBrewLabs • PhD Microbiology @UAlberta • He/himMohkinstsis / Calgary

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Neech the Vote (ep 302)

| MEDIA INDIGENA : Indigenous current affairs (Podcast -- 01:15:11)

In this set of collected, connected conversations (the penultimate episode in our Summer '22 series): Neech the Vote! Was it really a year ago that Canada held its last federal election? A contest we didn’t much concern ourselves with, to be frank; after all, we’d gone hard on the election two years prior. But, looking back, maybe that 2019 campaign taught us all we needed to know about how Indigenous interests fare in such settler exercises.

Making the most of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 46:28)

As we gather for the second National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we find out where we are on the journey and hear from people walking the reconciliation talk.

Each year, the Yellowhead Institute writes a report on how many of the TRC's 94 Calls to Action have been completed. Eva Jewell is the research director at the Yellowhead Institute and co-author of the report. Find out why she says Canada is way behind on the reconciliation journey and why September 30th is more than just another stat holiday.


| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 01:00:50)

Jaro Giesbrecht is a Metis, progressive voice in #Alberta.

Indigenous stewardship of the land

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 50:34)

This week on Unreserved: Indigenous people across Turtle Island conserving, preserving and caring for Mother Earth.

You'll meet Rick Beaver, an ecologist who is working to protect the black oak savannah in his home community of Alderville First Nation. He uses an interesting tool - fire.

A Seminar in Settlerology (ep 301)

| MEDIA INDIGENA : Indigenous current affairs (Podcast -- 54:01)

On this week's collected, connected conversations (the sixth in our Summer '22 series): Settlerology. That’s right: our chance to turn that gaze around, to peer deep into the soul of settler society! Heck, who better to lead a course on colonial culture than Indigenous people?

I love the smell of gasoline by Claren Grosz

| Native Calgarian (Podcast -- 01:06:47)

“Overhead projection meets performative research essay meets personal narrative as Claren attempts to reconcile her Alberta oil-industry roots with the current environmental emergency.

Sacheen Littlefeather

| Unreserved (Podcast -- 54:09)

It was 60 seconds that changed Sacheen Littlefeather’s life. On March 27, 1973, the 26-year-old Apache/Yaqui woman walked onto a stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles and into the international spotlight.
The young woman dressed in a Northern buckskin dress rejected the Academy Award to Marlon Brando for The Godfather. The actress and activist calmly explained to 85 million people that it was due to "the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry."
Fifty years later and the Academy has apologized.