Oral History

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A Blackfoot Sun and Moon Myth

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
George Bird Grinnell
Journal of American Folklore, vol. 6, no. 20, January-March 1893, pp. 44-47
Describes creation stories told by Chief Men-es-to-kos, an Elder of the Kainai Nation.
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From Creation Stories to '49 Songs: Cultural Transactions with the White World as Portrayed in Northern Plains Indian Story and Song

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
Joseph E. DeFlyer
Studies in American Indian Literatures, vol. 2, no. 1, Series 2, Spring, 1990, pp. 11-25
Looks at the historical and cultural process of communication, before the first written records had been created between mainstream American culture and the Native American cultures of the Northern Plains. Entire issue on one PDF. To access article, scroll down to appropriate page.
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Book Reviews
Monica Macaulay
Janet Catherine Berlo
Carolyn Balkwell
E. Breck Parkman
Nancy Bonvillain
Robbie Ethridge
Helen K. Crotty
Helen M. Bannan
Christopher P. Gavaler
Jo Ann Woodsum
Peter N. Peregrine
Troy R. Johnson
Cornelia S. Feye
et al.
American Indian Culture and Research Journal, vol. 20, no. 2, 1996, pp. 191-264
Book reviews of: Ararapíkva = Creation Stories of the People: Traditional Karuk Indian Literature from Northwestern California edited and translated by Julian Lang. The Biographical Directory of Native American Painters edited by Patrick D. Lester. Earth Line and Morning-Star Nlaka’pamux Clothing Traditions by Leslie H.
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