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Book reviews of 14 books: Proceedings: First National Conference on Cancer in Native Americans. "Proceedings" reviewed by Rene R. Gadacz. Gabriel Dumont Speaks translated by Michael Barnholden. The Early Years of Native American Art History: The Politics of Scholarship and Collecting edited by Janet Catherine Berlo. Hidatsa Social and Ceremonial Organization by Alfred W. Bowers. War Paint: Blackfoot and Sarcee Painted Buffalo Robes in the Royal Ontario Museum by Arni Brownstone. The State of Native America: Genocide, Colonization and Resistance edited by M. Annette Jaimes. Soujourner's Truth and Other Stories by Lee Maracle. Ravensong by Lee Maracle. The Old North Trail. Life, Legends and Religion of the Blackfeet Indians. by Walter McClintock. Native American Tribalism: Indian Survivals and Renewals by D'Arcy McNickle. Songs for the People: Teachings on the Natural Way, Poems and Essays of Arthur Solomon, A Nishnawbe Spiritual Teacher by Arthur Solomon. Northern Perspectives: Practice and Education in Social Work co-edited by Margaret Tobin and Christopher Walmsley. Carnet de Notes Montagnais-Naskapi, 1947-1992 by Jean-Paul Vinay. 1991 Indian Country by Joan Weible-Orlando.
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Canadian Journal of Native Studies, vol. 13, no. 2, 1993, pp. 327-371
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Book Reviews
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