The Battleford Post - Pamphlet. - 1949.

Pamphlet outlining the history of Fort Battleford, Saskatchewan. Five original buildings remain as the nucleus of this national historic site.

Historical note:

Fort Battleford, built in 1876 and in use until 1924, was the sixth Northwest Mounted Police fort to be established in the Northwest Territories of Canada, and played a central role in the events of the Northwest Resistance of 1885. It was there that Poundmaker was arrested, and that 6 Cree and 2 Stoney were hanged for their participation in the Frog Lake massacre and other killings.Fort Battleford is located at the centre of the junction of the North Saskatchewan and the Battle rivers. This site offered access to fresh water, as it was many years before an on-site well was made available; it also offered an alternative means of transportation to the Red River Cart. As the site was also on a plateau, the fort was easily defensible, and offered clear lines of sight for the surrounding area and to Government Ridge - thus providing warning against possible attacks.
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University of Saskatchewan Libraries Special Collections, Canadiana Pamphlets Collection, XLVIII-34l-TheBattleford (Box 47); records from Our Legacy site,
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