Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Presentation by Bernice Hammersmith, Secretary Metis Society

File contains remarks by Bernice Hammersmith, Secretary, Saskatchewan Metis Society. Hammersmith describes some problems facing her organization. Included are the enumeration of the Metis population, the need for a system of responsible government (as opposed to a non-profit corporation), the need for governmental accountability, resource revenue issues, land concerns, the need for the Charter to apply to Metis people, the need for a new justice system which takes Metis values into account, health care concerns, hunting and trapping issues, and a roadblock at Canoe Lake where the Metis are opposing forestry companies, the provincial government, and the Meadow Lake Tribal Council. Hammersmith concludes by telling how Metis in the Northwest Territories are treated on par with Inuit and Status Indians, and requests that Saskatchewan Metis be treated the same way. Following the presentation Commissioners Chartrand and Erasmus make brief comments on it.
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University of Saskatchewan Archives, Native Law Centre fonds, Reference Library, RCAP vol. 24 (Box 2); records from Our Legacy site,
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