Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Remarks by Peter Katuk (via translator)

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Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples - Transcriptions of Public Hearings and Round Table Discussions
File contains opening remarks by Peter Katuk(via a translator) regarding the situation for Inuit people in the Northwest Territories: the struggle for survival, his own birth in an igloo in 1921, how life is a learning experience, how the Inuit people have been left out of Canada, how the Cree and the Hudson Bay Company were condescending and bossy to the Inuit, an incident between his father and the RCMP who made his father relocate his home from Repulse Bay, the need to amend what Katuk describes as the defeat of Aboriginal people in Canada, how his people assisted southerners who came to the North and how southerners could not survive without them, how he saw a stone house in the Arctic whose white inhabitants had died from hypothermia and how "if there were Inuit around, they probably would have survived," that white people need to acknowledge that they survived in this land with the help of Aboriginal people, and that everybody should be treated as equals.
Peter Katuk
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
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[Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Privy Council Office]
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University of Saskatchewan Archives, Native Law Centre fonds, Reference Library, RCAP vol. 1 (Box 1); records from Our Legacy site,
First Nation, Metis, Inuit Locations
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Documents & Presentations
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