Wm. Scott and T. Pike in front of Humboldt Telegraph Station

Image of Humboldt Telegraph Station, likely during the Northwest Resistance. On back of photo: "This photo was taken after Wm. Scott (in charge of the Humboldt Mail Station had finished riding 140 miles to Prince Albert to Humboldt with dispatches. These dispatches were from Colonel Irwin [Irvine] (who was in charge at Prince Albert) to General Middleton. The ride was made in 23 hours on the horse shown in this photo. The horse's name was Lary and was known to have great staying power. Sitting is T. [Thomas] Pike."

Historical note:

In 1878, George and Catherine Weldon set off for the open prairie on a challenging adventure - the development of the Canadian Pacific Telegraph Line. Their task was to construct the Humboldt Telegraph Station and provide a communication link to eastern Canada. They became known for the warmth and hospitality they showed weary travelers along the Carlton Trail. The Humboldt Telegraph Station played a pivotal role in the 1885 uprising at Batoche, when Lt. Colonel Denison fortified the site with an extensive series of trenches, in support of General Middleton's battle with Louis Riel.
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Prince Albert Historical Society, PAHS Archives collection, H series-H-384 (H series); records from Our Legacy site, http://scaa.sk.ca/ourlegacy
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