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Book review of 14 books: Drum Songs: Glimpses of Dene History by Kerry Abel. Names, Numbers, and Northern Policy by Valerie Alia. Sacred Stories of the Sweet Grass Cree by Leonard Bloomfield. Guide to Oral History Collections in Canada/Guide des fonds d'histoire orale au Canada by Normand Fortier. The Mohicans of Stockbridge by Patrick Frazier. 500 Jahre danach: Zur heutigen Lage der indigenen Volker beider Amerika (500 Years Thereafter: The Present Day Situation of the Indigenous Peoples of Both Americas) edited by Peter R. Gerber. A Complex Culture of the British Columbia Plateau: Traditional Stl'á:tl'imx Resource Use edited by Brian Hayden. Brotherhood to Nationhood: George Manuel and the Making of the Modern Indian Movement by Peter McFarlane. History of the Santee Sioux: United States Indian Policy on Trial by Roy W. Meyer. Arctic Homeland: Kinship, Community and Development in Northwest Greenland by Mark Nuttall. Kunaitupii: Coming Together on Native Sacred Sites, Their Sacredness, Conservation and Interpretation: A Native and Non-Native Forum edited by Brian O.K. Reeves and Margaret A. Kennedy. Inside Out: First Nations on the Front Line by Theresa Taite (Wee'hal Lite). Tammarniit (Mistakes): Inuit Relocation in the Eastern Arctic 1939-63 by Frank James Tester and Peter Kulchyski. The Last Buffalo Hunter: As Told by Norbert Welsh by Mary Weekes.
Patricia A. McCormack
Ken Hanly
Guy Lanoue
Ron Nestor
David J. Norton
et al.
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Canadian Journal of Native Studies, vol. 14, no. 2, 1994, pp. 395-434
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Book Reviews
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