Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Presentation by Rev. Dr. Raymond Hodgson and Rev. Peter Hemel, Taskforce on Churches and Corporate Responsibility

This file contains a presentation by Rev. Dr. Raymond Hodgson and Rev. Peter Hemel. Their organization is a national ecumenical coalition, one of 12 national coalitions of the major Christian churches in Canada. The Taskforce assists the members in implementing policies adopted by the churches in the areas of corporate, social and environmental responsibility. For example, the Taskforce worked with the Nisga'a relating to a mine built in Alice Arm, British Columbia. No environmental studies or consultation with the Nisga'a was done, and the mine closed a year and a half after completion because the price of molybdenum. The Nisga'a are left with the environmental damage while the Taskforce continues to work with the Nisga'a to seek damages for illegal use of their land. A lengthy question-and-answer session with the Commissioners follows the presentation.
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University of Saskatchewan Archives, Native Law Centre fonds, Reference Library, RCAP vol. 147 (Box 23); records from Our Legacy site,
First Nation, Metis, Inuit Locations
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Documents & Presentations
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