Dr. A.B. Stewart Papers - Napoleon Venne Correspondence. - 1923-1924.

This folder contains correspondence relating to a pension increase request for Napoleon Venne, shot by Almighty Voice on 26 May 1897. Venne sought medical aid for his wound from Dr. A.B. Stewart, and Stewart wrote a letter of support in 1924 for Venne's request for a pension increase. Venne was turned down. Also includes a letter from William Bleasdell Cameron about the capture of Big Bear.

Historical note:

Dr. A.B. Stewart acted as coroner for the Royal North West Mounted Police and had a medical practice at Duck Lake, Saskatchewan in the late 1800s-early 1900s. On 26 May 1897, Almighty Voice and his cousin Little Salteaux, and Dubling, a brother-in-law, are observed by Napoleon Venne killing one of his cattle. Venne reported the incident and NMWP Cpl. Bowridge returned to the scene. In the area they saw Almighty Voice and rode upon them when Napoleon Venne is cut down with a bullet to the shoulder. They retreated for medical aid; Venne survived.
Napoleon Venne
Dr. A.B. Stewart
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University of Saskatchewan Libraries Special Collections, Morton Manuscripts Collection, MSS-C550-1-17-4a (Box 32); records from Our Legacy site, http://scaa.sk.ca/ourlegacy
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