St. Peter's RC Mission, Montana

Image of unidentified boys, some in altar boy garb, walk on a road in front of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Mission in Montana. A priest is visible behind the boys. Louis Riel conducted a parochial school in connection with the mission until 1884 when summoned to Saskatchewan.

Historical note:

In the spring of 1883, weeks after becoming an American citizen, Riel accepted a teaching position at the Catholic mission of St. Peter's on Montana's Sun River. He enjoyed teaching, but the job paid poorly and the hours too long to allow him time to pursue his true interests in religion, poetry, and politics. So it is not surprising that, when a delegation of Metis from Saskatchewan arrived at St. Peter's on June 4, 1884, imploring Riel to return to Canada to advocate for better treatment of the Metis, Riel answered the call. The June visit was not a surprise. Riel had received a letter from the group a month earlier informing them of the planned visit and pleading for his services.
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