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Articles relating to: children in non-aboriginal schools, the status of indigenous persons, Diefenbaker's honorary degree from Dalhousie University, an issue of Indian Outlook, a copy of the first bulletin of the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada, and the work of Anglican missionaries. Correspondence relating to: the Inuit, medical services, an indigenous person's outstanding account for groceries, Election of Chiefs, indigenous freedom, indigenous holidays, the status of the indigenous person, indigenous welfare, the welfare of indigenous children, freedom of religion, publication of B.C. Interior North American Brotherhood News, liquor rights, education both on and off the reserve, information on indigenous persons of Canada, identification cards, treaties, indigenous day schools, totem poles, housing requests, scholarship and award plan for Native peoples of Canada, roads, promoting the craftsmanship and skill of indigenous persons, food, the indigenous persons of the west coast, non-indigenous persons living on reserves, fishing rights, rent, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, an Old People's Home, relations between the United Church and indigenous persons, irrigation,teaching, the Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada, Cree Indians in the north, Indian Affairs, enfranchisement, the Eskimo advisory board, and the Indian Act.

Historical note:

Interesting documents in this file: The first report of the Scholarship and Award Fund for indigenous children stet up by the Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of Canada, a document entitled "Thesis Concerning Indian Affairs"; and a petition relating to the Indian Act submitted by one Carl Hamilton.
The Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of Canada
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[Diefenbaker Canada Centre Archives]
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Diefenbaker Canada Centre Archives, John G. Diefenbaker fonds, VI-635d (VOl. 438); records from Our Legacy site, http://scaa.sk.ca/ourlegacy
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Archival -- Archival Items
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