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Book reviews of: Living Relationships: The Treaty of Waitangi in the New Millennium by Ken S. Coates and P. G. McHugh. Aboriginal Rights and Self-Government: The Canadian and Mexican Experience in North American Perspective edited by Curtis Cook and Juan D. Lindau. Tribal Honors: A History of the Kainai Chieftainship by Hugh A. Dempsey. The Myth of the Savage, and the Beginning of French Colonialism in the Americas by Olive Patricia Dickason. The Pawnee Mythology by George Dorsey. Concerning the League: The Iroquois League Tradition as Dictated in Onondaga by John Arthur Gibson. Ways of Knowing: Experience, Knowledge and Power among the Dene Tha by Jean-Guy A. Goulet. Spiritual Encounters: Interactions between Christianity and Native Religions in Colonial America by Nicholas Griffiths and Fernando Cervantes. The Oneida Indian Journal, from New York to Wisconsin 1784-1860 by Laurence Hauptman and L. G. McLester. The Fur Trade in Canada: With a New Introductory Essay by Harold A. Innis. Prospering Together: The Impact of the Aboriginal Title Settlements in B.C. edited by Roslyn Kunin. Circles of Time: Aboriginal Land Rights and Resistance in Ontario by David T. McNab. Earth, Water, Air and Fire: Studies in Canadian Ethnohistory edited by David T. McNab. Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada's Northwest Boreal Forest by Robin J. Marles, Christina Clavelle, Leslie Monteleone, Natalie Tays and Donna Burns. Indians in the United States and Canada: A Comparative History by Roger L. Nichols. Privileging the Past: Reconstructing History in Northwest Coast Art by Judith Ostrowitz. Myths and Traditions of Traditions of the Arkara Indians by Douglas Parks. Uvajuq: The Origin of Death edited by David G. Pelly and Kim Crockatt. Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change by Theda Perdue. Theorizing the Americanist Tradition edited by Lisa Valentine and Regna Darnell.
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Canadian Journal of Native Studies, vol. 20, no. 2, 2000, pp. 487-516
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Book Reviews
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