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Book reviews of 23 books: The Forces Which Shaped Them: A History of the Education of Minority Group Children in British Columbia by Mary Ashworth. Forty Years a Chief by George Barker. A History of Native Claims Processes in Canada, 1867-1979 by Richard C. Daniel. The Metaphysics of Modern Existence by Vine Deloria The Covenant Chain: Indian Ceremonial and Indian Trade Silver by N. Jaye Fredrickson and Sandra Gibb. Paper Stays Put: A Collection of Inuit Writing edited by Robin Gedalof. Kwakiutl Art by Audrey Hawthorne. Indian Conditions: A Survey Henri Létourneau Raconte by Henri Letourneau. Riel and the Métis: Riel Mini-Conference Papers edited by A.S. Lussier. The Other Natives: The/Les Métis, Volume III edited by Antoine S. Lussier and D. Bruce Sealy. British Law and Arctic Men: The Celebrated 1917 Murder Trials of Sinnisiak and Uluksuk, First Inuit Tried Under White Man's Law by R.G. Moyles. Indians' Summer by Nasnaga. Shadow of the Hunter: Stories of Eskimo Life by Richard K. Nelson. Digging Out the Roots: Poems by Duane Niatum. Out of Irrelevance: A Socio-Political Introduction to Indian Affairs in Canada by Rick J. Ponting and Roger Gibbins. Indians of Canada: Cultural Dynamics by John Price. Pitseolak, A Canadian Tragedy by David F. Raine. We Are Métis: A Métis View of the Development of a Native Canadian People by Duke Redbird. The Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation, 1794-1796. An Historical Reference Guide to the Stone Fort Treaty (Treaty One, 1871). Indian Treaties in Historical Perspective. Riding the Earthboy 40 (revised edition) by James Welch. Winter of the Salamander by Ray Young Bear.
Jean Friesen
K. Wilson
Scott Clark
Ken Hanly
George F. G. Stanley
et al.
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Canadian Journal of Native Studies, vol. 1, no. 1, 1981, pp. 217-257
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Book Reviews
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