Batoche Planning Program - January 1981.

This booklet outlines three plans for the Batoche National Historic Site and provides comments sections to the public to respond. The three plans incorporate: 1) A minimum of site redevelopment, with the use of modern media rather than historic treatments for an overview of Batoche's significance; 2) A moderate site redevelopment plan that preserves much of what remains at Batoche and returning the standing structures to period; 3) A major site redevelopment plan that provides a three-dimensional representation of the main resources at Batoche. A comments section is provided on each page.

Historical note:

The Battle of Batoche was the decisive Canadian victory over the Métis resistance that led to the surrender of Louis Riel on 15 May 1885 and the collapse of his Provisional Government of Saskatchewan`s resistance in the Northwest Resistance. The Cree, however, would continue to successfully engage Canadian authorities in the weeks that followed, at the Battle of Frenchman's Butte. Fought over the week of May 5 to May 12 at the ad hoc Métis capital of Batoche, the siege was noted as the first true demonstration of tactical excellence and professional conduct by the Canadian army in 1885.
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