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Entire review section on one pdf. To access specific review scroll down to appropriate page. Imaging Native by Coral Ann Howells. (p. 307-308) Book reviewed: The Native in Literature: Canadian and Comparative Perspectives edited by Thomas King,Cheryl Calver & Helen Hoy. Anishoni Play by Robin McGrath. (p. 308-310) Books reviewed: Renewal: Teoni's Giveaway by Barbara Smith. Renewal: The Prophecy of Manu by Barbara Smith. Tripartite by Patricia Keeney. (p. 310-311) Book reviewed: First Person Plural by Ron Paulson, Daniel David Moses, and Daniel Jalowica; edited by Judith Fitzgerald. Residential School by Menno Boldt. (p. 311 - 312) Book reviewed: Indian School Days by Basil Johnston. Of the People by M. Dale Kinkade. (p. 312 - 313) Books reviewed: Tyendinaga Tales compiled by Rona Rustige. wâskahikaniwiyiniw-âcimowina: Stories of the House People told by Peter Vandall and Joe Duquette; edited and translated by Fareda Ahenakew. First Words by Marjorie M. Halpin. (p. 313 - 316) Books reviewed: Dzelarhons: Myths of the Northwest Coast by Anne Cameron. Orca's Song by Anne Cameron. Raven Returns the Water by Anne Cameron. Annie Poems by Anne Cameron.
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Canadian Literature, no. 124-125, Native Writers & Canadian Literature, Spring/Summer, 1990, pp. 307-316
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Book Reviews
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