Koehncke, Niels

University of Saskatchewan, Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture

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A Community-based Participatory Research Methodology to Address, Redress, and Reassess Disparities in Respiratory Health among First Nations

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
Punam Pahwa
Sylvia Abonyi
Chandima Karunanayake
Donna C. Rennie
Bonnie Janzen
Shelley Kirychuk
Joshua A. Lawson
Tarun Katapally
Kathleen McMullin
Louise Hagel
Roland F. Dyck
Mark Fenton
Vivian Ramsden
Niels Koehncke ... James A. Dosman
BMC Research Notes, vol. 8, 2015, p. article no. 199
Results based on interview-based surveys and data from 874 individuals from two reserve communities in Saskatchewan.
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