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Education and Lifetime Income for Aboriginal People in Saskatchewan

Alternate Title
Setting the Agenda for Change ; vol. 1
Aboriginal Policy Research ; vol. 1
Aboriginal Policy Research Conference ; 1st, 2002
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Eric Howe
vol. 1

Calculates the average lifetime earnings of Aboriginal males and females contingent on whether or not they earn a high school diploma, attend technical school, or attend university.

Chapter nine from Setting the Agenda for Change, vol. 1, which is also vol. 1 in the Aboriginal Policy Research series.Originally presented at the Aboriginal Policy Research Conference, 2002.

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Managing Saskatchewan's Expanding Aboriginal Economic Gap

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
Marv Painter
Kelly Lendsay
Eric Howe
Journal of Aboriginal Economic Development, vol. 1, no. 2, Winter, 2000, pp. 31-45
Assesses the disparities in current income, employment and education between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations. [One or more images have been omitted from this article due to copyright restrictions. These images are accessible in the print version of this journal.]
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