Williams Lake First Nation

Alternate Names
Williams Lake Indian Band
Sugar Cane or T’exelc
British Columbia
British Columbia
First Nation Location
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Preconditions Leading to Market Housing on Reserve

Alternate Title
Research Highlight (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)
Research Highlight. Socio-economic Series ; 09-011
Documents & Presentations
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
Summary of study involving eight First Nations communities selected on the basis of innovative approaches to promoting home ownership and developing support programs. A minimum of six interviews was conducted at each site with community leaders, housing professionals and home owners.
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Squaw Hall: A Community Remembers

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
Nicola Harwood
Canadian Theatre Review, vol. 148, Fall, 2011, pp. 25-31
Describes initiative undertaken by Twin Fish and urban ink theatre groups in Williams Lake, British Columbia. Project involved youth in the development of a short play entitled Damed if You Do, What it Don't as part media and performance training.
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Williams Lake Indian Band: Village Site Inquiry

Indian Claims Commission
Historical background and submission to the Indian Claims Commission (ICC) regarding what lands the Bands occupied around Missioner Creek and Williams Lake in 1861 and if Canada had an obligation to protect the settlement. ICC held that the village sites should have been set aside for the Band and that Canada should accept the claim. [This file has been saved and made available online with permission from the Indian Claims Commission website before it closed down in March 2009.]
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