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"Basket Becomes Codex: A Poem by Trevino Brings Plenty in the Portland Art Museum"

Articles » General
Karen M. Poremski
Transmotion, vol. 3, no. 2, December 6, 2017, pp. 53-78
Essay discusses Trevino Brings Plenty’s poem "Little, Cultural, Teapot Curio Exposes People" and its relationship to the object it is about, the museum that holds the object, and the social and cultural issue surrounding Indigenous materials in colonial museums.
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COVID-19 Telehealth for Indian Country: Tribal Response to an Emerging Pandemic

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
David Stephens
Alexander Wu
Eric Vinson
Megan Woodbury
Celeste Davis
Jessica Leston ... [et al.]
American Indian Culture and Research Journal, vol. 44, no. 3, COVID-19 and Indigenous Peoples: Tools to Promote Equity and Best Practices, 2020, pp. 37-44
Authors describe the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board's Extensions for Community Healthcare Outcomes (teleECHO) program for virtual health sessions and how it was used during the pandemic.
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How Can Urban Parks Support Urban Indigenous Peoples? Exploratory Cases from Saskatoon and Portland

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
Chance Finegan
Aboriginal Policy Studies, vol. 9, no. 2, 2021, pp. 25-48
Uses Fort Vancouver National Historical Site in Portland, Oregon and the Meewasin Valley Authority in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as case studies to discuss how urban parks might contribute to reconciliation if they support Indigenous identities and cultural activities.
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Mental Health, Health, and Substance Abuse Service Needs for the Native American Rehabilitation Association Northwest (NARA NW) in the Portland, Oregon

Metropolitan Area

Articles » Scholarly, peer reviewed
Thomas L. Crofoot
Naomi Harris
Mary Anne Plumb
Keri Slingerland Smith
Jaime Gault
et al.
American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research, vol. 14, no. 3, 2008, pp. 1-23
Study found high levels of co-occurring conditions for Indigenous American clients, often combining chronic health problems, substance abuse histories, and mental health problems.
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Missing Women Commission of Inquiry: Forums

Alternate Title
Accepting and Investigating Missing Person Reports
Building Strong Police - Community Relationships
Enhancing Police Accountability
Innovative Approaches to Protecting Vulnerable and Marginalized Women
Missing Women Commission of Inquiry Public Policy Forums
Oppal Commission
Police Relationships with Victims’ Families, the Community, the Public and the Media
Preventing Violence Against Aboriginal and Rural Women
Preventing Violence Against Sex Trade Workers
Public Policy Forum 1: Ensuring the Safety of Vulnerable Women
Public Policy Forum 2: Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses in the Criminal Justice Process
Public Policy Forum 3: Improving Missing Person Practices
Public Policy Forum 4: Inter-jurisdictional Collaboration and Coordination Among Police
Public Policy Forum 5: Enhancing Police Accountability
Public Policy Forum 6: From Report to Substantive Change – Healing, Reconciliation and Implementation
Web Sites » Organizations
Doreen Binder
Patrick Kelly
Melina Buckley
Videos of forums held to give Commissioner input about changes to improve safety for vulnerable women and the way police deal with missing persons investigations. Also includes the keynote speech Innovative Approaches to Protecting Vulnerable and Marginalized Women.
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Native American Art

Alternate Title
[Portland Art Museum Online Collections]
Web Sites » Virtual Exhibits
Portland Art Museum
Website looks at traditional and contemporary Native American art collection at the Portland Art Museum Online.
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