Black Lake

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Caribou Hunting At Selwyn Lake

Images » Photographs
Anne Soulnier (Betts) (photographer)
A set of 184 photographs recording a trip north to Selwyn Lake by a class from Black Lake School to experience a caribou hunt. The Dene people of northern Saskatchewan have for centuries depended on the vast herds of caribou that migrate north and south through their lands. North in the spring to calve and south in the fall for winter cover inside the tree line. In recent times the people have become more dependent on food from the local store, but they still prefer caribou to any other food, and hunters still go to the traditional hunting grounds or harvest them when the herds come near their communities. The students in this school project were fortunate to go to a winter camp and participate in a traditional learning experience with people who had lived in that way for most of their lives.
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Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Presentation by Vice Chief John McDonald, Prince Albert Tribal Council

Documents & Presentations
John McDonald
File contains a presentation by Vice-Chief John McDonald, Prince Albert Tribal Council. McDonald discusses his problems with the Nunavut settlement and requests that "the Royal Commmission on Aboriginal Peoples...undertake a review of the impact of the Nunavut Settlement Agreement on the treaty and aboriginal rights of the Athabasca Denesuline Bands and this review, including recommendations, be completed by the fall of 1992."
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[Tuberculosis Plagues Northern Native Residents]

Alternate Title
Newshour ; November 4, 1991
[TB Plagues Northern Natives]
[Tuberculosis Plagues Northern Natives]
Media » Film and Video
Sheila Coles
Pat Cavanaugh
Vern Heppner
Billy Sandypoint
Discusses the issues surrounding the high incidence of the disease, with a focus on the community of Black Lake. Includes synopsis and "Did You Know?" section. Duration: 8:16.
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