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Touchwood Hills - Correspondence and Ledger Sheets - Circular Relating to Jules Sioui

Documents & Presentations
Circular relating to the activities of Jules Sioui of Jeune Lorette, Quebec, who had called a meeting of Aboriginal persons to be held in Ottawa in June 1944. Members of that group succeeded in securing a meeting with the Minister of [Indian Affairs]. Sioui called for another meeting in Ottawa in June 1945. Circular found within folder titled Touchwood Hills - Correspondence and Ledger Sheets.

Historical note:

Harold Nelson Woodsworth served as an Indian Agent at a number of agencies in Saskatchewan.
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Traditions: National Gatherings on Indigenous Knowledge: Final Report

Canadian Heritage
p. 52
Summary of discussions, during May and June of 2005, between the Department of Canadian Heritage and Aboriginal people to develop practical strategies for working in areas where the mandate, expertise and experience of the Department coincide with Aboriginal aspirations.
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