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Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Presentation by Edith Cloutier, President and Ida Labillois-Williams, Executive Director, Native Friendship Centre of Montreal and Louis Bordeleau, Vice-President, Regroupement des centres d'amitie and Roseanne Petifuay, Director General, Centre d'amitie de La Tuque

Alternate Title
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples - Transcriptions of Public Hearings and Round Table Discussions
Documents & Presentations
Edith Cloutier
Ida Labillois-Williams
Louis Bordeleau
Roseanne Petifuay
This file contains a presentation by Edith Cloutier, Ida Labillois-Williams, Louis Bordeleau and Roseanne Petifuay relating to problems encountered by the Friendship Centre movement as it seeks to assist urban Aboriginals. The Centres have developed a significant and unique expertise that could help in establishing self-government mechanisms in the urban setting.
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