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Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Presentation by Buzzie (Henry) Phillips and Rudy Simard

Alternate Title
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples - Transcriptions of Public Hearings and Round Table Discussions
Documents & Presentations
Buzzie (Henry) Phillips
Rudy Simard
File contains a presentation by Buzzie (Henry) Phillips, and Rudy Simard. These two individuals speak on behalf of the community of Manigotagan, the Manigotagan Community Council, the Aboriginal Council of Manigotagan and Bill C-31 off-reserve Indians and the proposed Chillwee Indian Band. Their presentations make a variety of recommendations to aid Métis and non-Status Indian populations in the area particularly with respect to government jurisdiction, land rights, and natural resources. Following the presentation are remarks by Commissioners Sillet and Chartrand on the presentations.
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