Blood Tribe/Kainaiwa Inquiry: Akers Surrender 1889 Claim, July 2008

FILES CAN ONLY BE ACCESSED USING FIREFOX BROWSER. Document contains letters/memos, submissions, band council documents, and reports in regards to the dispute over the federal government taking over 440 acres of mineral-rich reserve land without full consent or compensation. -Kainaiwa Claim, Maps, Jan. 1995 (25 pgs.) -Kainaiwa Claim, Historical Report , Jan. 1995 (57 pgs.) -Affidavits, 10 (22 pgs.) -Blood Tribe/Kainaiwa, Specific Claim Submission, The Ackers Surrender, Apr. 1995 (145 pgs.) -Specific Claims Branch Review of the Blood Tribe's Claim concerning the 1889 Ackers Surrender, Jul. 1995 (56 pgs.) -Letter, Jack Hughes, Research Manager, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, to Chief Roy Fox, Blood Tribe, Aug. 14,1995 (4 pgs.) -Letter, Pierre Paré, Korite Minerals Ltd., to Bernard Fox, Manager, Natural Resources Mgmt, Blood Tribe, Oct. 12,1995 (3 pgs.) -Report, An Examination of the Economic and Financial History of Fort Whoop-up, prepared by Hugh A. Dempsey, 1996 (28 pgs.) -Report, Blood First Nation, Specific Land Claim Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights, Estimate of forgone Monies and Net Present Worth Value as of Jan. 1, 1996, prepared by McDaniel & Associates Consultants Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, for the Blood First Nation, Standoff, Alberta, Apr. 1996 (163 pgs.) -Report, Blood/Kainaiwa Tribe, Specific Claim, Appraisal of Surrendered Lands Within Township 8, Range 22, W4th, prepared by Serecon Valuation and Agricultural Consulting Inc., for Public Works and Government Services Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, May 1996 (78 pgs.) -Report, Blood/Kainaiwa Tribe Akers, Specific Land Claim, Appraisal Report of Lands in Township 8, Range 22, W4M, Located S.W. of Lethbridge, Alberta, prepared by Larry Krakalovich, AACI, Crown Appraisals, Regina, Saskatchewan, for The Blood/Kainaiwa Tribe, Feb.14, 1996 (39 pgs.) -Report, Blood/Kainaiwa Tribe, “Akers” Land Claim within Twp. 8, Rge 22 W4M, prepared by Doug Badke, C.E.T., D.A. Badke Enterprises Ltd., May 1996 (24 pgs.) -Blood Tribe /Kainaiwa, Supplemental Submission, The Akers Surrender, Aug. 19, 1996 (12 pgs.) -Blood Tribe/Kainaiwa, Specific Claim, Akers Surrender (1889), Settlement Agreement (99 pgs.) -Report, Petroleum Legislation and Exploration in Western Canada to 1890, by Hugh Al. Dempsey, June 1996 (11 pgs.) -Native Names of Elders and Clans of Kainaiwa (2 pgs.) -Blood Tribe Community Session Senator Gladstone Hall Standoff, Alberta 22- 23 Oct., 1997 (258 pgs.) [These files were created and compiled by the ICC and provided to the Indigenous Studies Portal in 2009 to make widely available in online format.]

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