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Welcome to the iPortal Tutorial Module for "Searching Maps".

Find the Maps menu tab at the top of the iPortal homepage, under the iPortal banner. This will take you to a page that is called First Nations in Western Canada and includes maps of First Nations reserves for the four Western Provinces plus the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Do not be alarmed if this page takes a few extra moments to load as the content is interactive and requires a certain amount of loading time.

Map of First Nations in Western Canada

The first map that is displayed is for Saskatchewan. If you click on the map image, you will be able to move the map to adjust the area that is visible within the display window. You will find that all of the 75 First Nations in Saskatchewan are listed alphabetically in the right sidebar. So, for example, to find the Whitecap Dakota Sioux Nation, scroll down to the W.s, and find that it is listed as number 71. If you click on the link for Whitecap Dakota Sioux Nation, the map will shift to make the red bubble with the number 71 more visible. When you click on the red bubble, it will take you to the iPortal resources that are related to the Whitecap Dakota Sioux Nation. Notice in the results that another name associated with this First Nation is Moose Woods

Another Way of Searching for Specific First Nation Resources:

You can also find these same resources by typing "Whitecap First Nation" into the general keyword search box on the iPortal homepage. However, searching for it this way doesn.t show you where this First Nation reserve is located within the province. It also finds a few extra resources that are false hits (or irrelevant results) which include short references to Whitecap First Nation but primarily focus on other First Nations.


Returning to the map page, notice that clicking on the links to Alberta, British Columbia, Northern British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and the Yukon will shift the displayed map image to show the corresponding geographical area. The bubbles on the maps are colored differently according to province and territory. iPortal resources associated with other regions of Canada that are not included on our map feature have not yet been mapped due to other U of S Library IT commitments. Although we cannot promise this mapping will be done, we continue to hope to provide mapping in other provinces in the future.

Now using what you have learned in this tutorial, feel free to locate further iPortal resources for other First Nations in Saskatchewan, and other provinces and territories. We hope this tutorial has given you a better understanding of our map feature.

Ekosi, that's all for now.

Prepared by Deborah Lee & Phoenix Rider, August 2011
with updates by L. O'Grady and A. St-Jacques, November 2015

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