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Welcome to the iPortal Tutorial Module on "Searching by Author".

There are several ways iPortal users can search for resources by certain authors. Here are some of them.

Advanced Search screen

Searching in Advanced Search, using the Author field:

If the researcher is looking for resources written by a certain author, the most logical place to go is the "Advanced Search" option. Once you have clicked on Advanced Search, type in the author's name, for instance, "Maria Campbell". In the iPortal, word order is not important when typing in search terms as the search engine will pick up the same results if you type first name first, last name last, or last name first, first name last. Also, if you don't use quotation marks, you will sometimes get some false hits (or irrelevant results), such as book reviews that are written by other people, including those with different first names or different last names (i.e. Gregory Campbell and Maria Williams).

Keyword Searching:

Another way to search by author is just to type the author's name in the general search box on the iPortal homepage. In this case (and for this particular author, Maria Campbell), you will get a lot more results because this type of search will also generate resources about the author, such as biographical information, literary analysis and comparisons of the author's work and book reviews of the author's work. Sometimes, this is exactly what the researcher is looking for, sometimes not. It is also a good idea to remember to use quotation marks when you type in the author's name to avoid getting false hits.

Browsing the Author's Tab in the iPortal Menu:

One other way to search by author is to use the Author tab in the menu at the top of the iPortal homepage (just under the iPortal banner). This will take you to a website of University of Saskatchewan authors (listed alphabetically) who have published in the area of Indigenous Studies. Once you are at this website, you can search for the author's online work by clicking on the iPortal link or you can click on the U of S Catalogue link to search for their offline work, such as books (in print format) and chapters in books. These resources are usually not available online but are available on a library shelf. From the catalogue record, you will be able to find the book on the shelf using the catalogue call number.

One Final Search Tip for Searching Authors:

As a final note, if the researcher is looking for a specific type of resource, such as a book review or a thesis, by a certain author, there are two ways to search for these:

  • Using the general search box on the iPortal homepage, typing in the author.s name, then selecting the resource type from its drop-down menu for book reviews or theses.
  • Or, once again, using the Advanced Search option, typing in the author.s name in the Author field, then choosing the resource type (i.e. book reviews or theses) from its drop down box.

Ekosi, that's all for now.

Prepared by Deborah Lee & Phoenix Rider, August 2011
with updates by L. O'Grady and A. St-Jacques, November 2015

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